Why do we call ourselves the Concept Factory?

Because behind the production of every pair of spectacles stands an idea. It is our strategy to give form to our ideas to truly be a solid firm, which has the goal of generating well-being for people.

Every daily we cultivate our capacity to set a thoughtful mentality and an industrial mentality alongside each other in a union that defines our style. A place where form is given to idea, something is achieved in improving the world.

Can a pair of spectacles contribute significantly to the well-being of a person?

Yes indeed. We work constantly, urged on by this conviction and backed by numerous studies in the matter.

Why, in your view, do we believe in our work so much? There is a simple answer to that: because we know that visual comfort helps people significantly in leading a qualitatively better life.

Our goal presses to give of our best at all times. Do you not believe us?

Do, because that is exactly how it is. We reflect carefully upon all the solutions possible, we grow in skill every day and develop technologically, basing ourselves on the facts and bearing in mind at all times the goal we have set ourselves. And do you know what objective we are talking about? Having care of peoples’ well-being.

Indeed, we believe that only through research, innovation, the use of cutting edge technology, style and passion can we respect humanity. How? By doing something concrete to make life better.

The future starts now. Did you know that?

Every day we ask ourselves: how can we make people’s lives better?

And every day we reply saying that we can do so by following a route of innovation, studying and implementing new capacities in creating well-being and applying cutting-edge technology, style and reliability.

Why do we work sustainably?

Because we love our land and so believe that fighting for it is worthwhile.

Loving and respecting a land is indeed the loveliest form of art that can be achieved.

We will now tell you a story. Would you like that? It is about us

The steps that we take set out our pathway and the pathway we follow defines who we are.

Our story recounts a pathway that began in 1978 in Campolongo di Cadore; we took our first steps slowly, but surely, always hungry for research and development, and pressed from the very beginning by a desire to give value to people. In this way, what at the start appeared to be a narrow track, has led us down the broad highways of the world.

Indeed, today we are a firm with a presence in over 60 countries and, in spite of this; we have decided to keep our production in Italy.

The journey commenced many years ago and the road we wish to follow has a long way to go: we will continue to travel guided at all times by respect for people, cutting-edge technology and style, with a creative urge and love for our land, just as when we took our first steps out.

And if we were to tell you that that it is the very things of beauty that are destined to last?

Look, The Concept Factory