Rubber and silicone eyewear

When we think about children, concepts like freedom, light-heartedness and fun come to mind; play is essential to their development, because it is by playing that children learn about the world and grow.

Children’s glasses are often seen as an impediment to their movement and a limit to their freedom of expression. Nothing could be more wrong.

You can now eliminate every source of stress for your children, even if they have to wear glasses, thanks to our rubber and silicone eyewear.

Our rubber and silicone eyewear is designed especially for dynamic, sporty, carefree kids: flexible, safe and comfortable, our glasses allow them to play freely and to move in absolute freedom, without worrying about anything other than what they’re doing. Because playing is serious stuff!

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Rubber Evo, designed for dynamic kids

Rubber Evo are glasses made from rubber and silicone, designed for more dynamic, sporty kids; their main features make the frame suitable for every child.

The fruit of constant research by Look The Concept Factory, Rubber Evo guarantees stability and comfort because it is non-slip, shockproof and very light, and it also memorises shape.

Completely non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, our rubber and silicone frames contain no heavy metals, are sweat-resistant and have a skin-tolerance index of 100%, all combined with a trendy and sporty, modern style.

Guaranteeing children’s visual wellbeing is our priority: Rubber Evo is designed to ensure this very wellbeing during every aspect of their growth, leaving them stress-free and respecting the right to be carefree that every child should have.

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Our Twice technology

We make Rubber Evo using Twice technology, a combination of EVO (rubber) and NIL.

Twice Injection System is a revolutionary bi-injection process, thanks to which we have combined two different materials, fusing them into a unique molecular structure.
The result is a qualitatively excellent mix, which conveys extensive elasticity to the product and a comfortable fit:

  • NIL to guarantee strength and style
  • EVO for stability, adherence and comfort

The result is an extremely flexible, comfortable and safe pair of glasses, thanks to the FLEX hinge embedded into the rubber.

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Rubber and silicone eyewear Model 05284
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Rubber Evo: the advantages

  • Lightness: just 11.5g
  • Resistance and elasticity: the bi-injection of the materials guarantees a very stable fit
  • Non-slip thermoplastic polymer
  • Shockproof invisible Flex hinge
  • Shape memory thanks to external NIL
  • Thermal resistance: from -42° to +125°
  • Skin tolerance: 100% – hypo-allergenic and non-toxic product
  • Sweat-resistance: 100%
  • Presence of heavy metals: 0%
  • Resistance to external/atmospheric factors: 100%
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The soul of Lookkino

Every material used to make Lookkino glasses is tested, certified and declared 100% non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

The glasses are made entirely in Italy, respecting the highest quality standards, exploiting advanced technologies and innovative materials manufactured by Look the Concept Factory (NIL, EVO), in addition to titanium and carbon steel.

Look - made in Italia

There's an idea behind the production of every pair of glasses. And conveying shape to our ideas is our strategy to be a really solid company, with the aim of generating wellbeing for people.

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Made in Italia

An item conceived and made in Italy by those who work with a complete focus on respect: respect for consumer and respect for Italy. A really Italian product bears the name of the person who conceived it, the person who designed it and the person who made it: it is controllable and traceable, it's Made in Italy.

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