XINOX™ is our exclusive steel of Swedish origin, featured by an extraordinary flexibility and hardness, excellent resistance to break, traction and yield besides the high resistance to corrosion.
XINOX™ is an iron and carbon alloy, which combines the mechanical features, typical of steel materials, to the corrosion resistance of carbon materials. Codified as AISI by the American Iron and Steel Institute, it belongs to the INOX family, and thanks to its molecular structure, it has proven to be a material with nickel release equal to zero.

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FITS FOR YOU mod. 06341.51


  • Style and customization
  • Exalted facial morphology
  • Comfort of use and wear



High resistance to impacts, to environmental conditions and chemical agents: these are just some of the surprising features of NIL, the technopolymer of Look the Concept Factory.
An avant-garde component conceived to realize light and hypoallergenic products.


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NIL-TITANIUM mod. 03781.44


  • Crushproof and resistant to external agents
  • Practical and resistant during use
  • Lightweight and non-toxic



We take two elements, Aluminium and Magnesium, among the most commonly occurring in nature, and we create an alloy: the result is a light, non-magnetic, atoxic material, which is resistant to corrosion, and featured by outstanding mechanical properties. Furthermore, this material can be recycled over and over again without losing its characteristics and potential. ALUMIX is the first flexible aluminium, a new material for a modern product.

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MATERIKA mod. 70487.55


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Respect for the environment



Eco Vegetal Polimer™, our polymer with rubber effect.
An hypoallergenic and atoxic material distinguished by several features: high thermal stability, elasticity up to -42°C, excellent resistance to UV rays and wear over time, free from lattice and PVC, high stretching capacity to breaking values. In addition to that, it is free from heavy metals (cadmium, chrome, lead) and it is suitable for the production of toys and for applications that involve any contact with food and body.


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ITALO mod. 04477.48


  • Hi-Tech modern frame


Besides exclusive technologies and materials, developed in our departments or in collaboration with qualified suppliers, we use other raw materials to realize our products, such as titanium, acetates, paints and many others.
We select only high quality materials, whose traceability is guaranteed 100%, and produced exclusively in Countries where the environmental protection and the labour rights are strictly ruled.