Eyewear for children: an important choice

Protecting their children is every parent’s priority and success involves making important decisions every single day: these can include choosing glasses.

But why is choosing the right frame for your child so important? Because it means guaranteeing wellbeing and freedom.
There are essential features to take into consideration: children’s needs differ greatly from those of adults, so their glasses have to be conceived and developed respecting these needs in terms of fit, ergonomics and health, offering even higher quality standards than those that characterise the product for adults.

So how do we choose glasses for children?
Paying attention to the quality of materials, making sure that the frame is completely non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, without sacrificing aesthetics.
Choosing a frame which fits properly and comfortably, eliminating every source of stress caused by wearing glasses, and allowing the child to concentrate on growing up and not on his or her eyesight.

It is important not to neglect children’s visual wellbeing during every aspect of their growth, leaving them stress-free and respecting the right to be carefree that every child should have.

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Lookkino is the eyewear that every child wants

An item as small as a pair of children’s glasses but which encapsulates something big: the visual wellbeing of children, attention to their desires and their growth.

Children’s eyewear frames by Lookkino are conceived and developed respecting children’s needs in terms of fit, safety, ergonomics and health.

A high-end product with regard to quality and aesthetics: beautiful and colourful, they guarantee an extremely comfortable and ergonomic fit, thanks also to their lightness: some styles weigh less than eight grams.

Easy to wear and to remove, children’s glasses by Lookkino are made to measure, because they adapt to the shape of the face.

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Lookkino child's eyewear Model 03704
03704.40 col.W134

Nil Titanium

Nil Titanium is one of the leading styles in the Lookkino children’s eyewear range.
Easy to wear and to remove, the closure angle can be adjusted to increase adherence of the glasses for dynamic use. We’ve eliminated the hinge, which can be a possible breakage point. The temples can be shortened and the terminal is adaptable to increase adherence. The glasses offer outstanding stability thanks to extensive elasticity, and are also non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and 100% recyclable.

Very slender and light, they are comprised of:

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Eyewear for children Model 03781
03781.44 col.W173

Lookkino: the advantages

  • Very high quality
  • Extremely comfortable and ergonomic fit
  • Light
  • Safety
  • Freedom
  • Style
  • Made in Italy
  • Lifetime guarantee
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The soul of Lookkino

Every material used to make Lookkino glasses is tested, certified and declared 100% non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

The glasses are made entirely in Italy, respecting the highest quality standards, exploiting advanced technologies and innovative materials manufactured by Look the Concept Factory (NIL, EVO), in addition to titanium and carbon steel.

Look the Concept Factory

There's an idea behind the production of every pair of glasses. And conveying shape to our ideas is our strategy to be a really solid company, with the aim of generating wellbeing for people.

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Made in Italia

An item conceived and made in Italy by those who work with a complete focus on respect: respect for consumer and respect for Italy. A really Italian product bears the name of the person who conceived it, the person who designed it and the person who made it: it is controllable and traceable, it's Made in Italy.

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